Thursday, June 7, 2012     



              At the end of 3rd shift on Thursday, June 7, an employee at Thompson Mailing was experiencing unusual medical distress as a result of a non-work related pre-existing condition. The Thompson Mailing professionally trained emergency responders reacted quickly to attend to the employee until the Geisinger Life Flight team arrived. Because this is a personal medical incident, Thompson Mailing must abide by HIPPA Privacy and Security Rules and cannot legally report any other information regarding the employee or the medical emergency. However, we can say that the Thompson Mailing Emergency Responders demonstrated exemplary skill from the time the incident began until the medical team arrived. By the end of that same day, the employee was treated and released from the hospital, visited the plant to provide details of the condition, and returned to work the next day.

            This is not the first incident that Thompson Mailing responders have encountered; however, each time they have reacted and lessened stressful medical situations.